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australian-resumes.com review

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australian-resumes.com review and discount code


This is a resume writing and editing service so applying for help on here, you will get a resume in order to make the process of searching for a job faster and more effective. The interface of the service is very simple. There is no tumble of graphics or colors. Everything is pretty plain; there is information on the white background, a navigation panel for easier usage of the website with options to choose from.


There are testimonials from customers who have used the services of the website. The service provides with a cover letter along with a resume for those who might need it. Far from every website of the kind has samples available for viewing. This one does and according to them, the papers produced look great.


Inspired by positive feedbacks and flawlessly looking samples, I decided on giving it a try. Why not, I thought. Things can only get better. The quality of paper I received, the deadline of which was expired by the time I had it on my hands, was simply disastrous. I have heard of such situations to happen but like anyone else, I have always thought it cannot happen to me. I have always been so careful and choose wisely.

Quality of paper

I decided to try this service on the recommendation of an acquaintance (it is unlikely for us to continue the acquaintance after this). Anyway, I was told the website to be okay. I was told for it to provide with okay looking resume with a cover letter to go with it and that shortly after I will be invited for loads of job interviews and I will simply be given no peace. I came up with my priorities, what is important for me, so I could pick the best out of the best among the job proposals I am about to receive. Those were hopes not destined to be realized.

Policy of price

There is no pricing section on the navigation panel thus, there is neither a table of prices nor a price calculator. Choose the option required a cover letter, a resume or a cover letter with a resume and you will get to see the price in the chosen section. Someone said that a resume with a cover letter written by means of this service made a person feel more confidence but I did not feel any confidence at all. I felt irritation only. In addition, the pricing is excessively high.

Order details

What you need to do is to provide your existing resume from scratch if any. What you will receive back is a polished and professionally written resume. Some doubts occurred in my head once I got it back though. Even though I worked closely with a writer assigned to accomplish my resume for me. I thought for this step to move my career forward but it was not to be apparently. There is no order form. It looks like a web shop more to me. You choose what you need; you are able to see a price for it. You just click on buying it. That is all.


There are many websites, which are to be modified. It happens and this one is not an exception. While it to be changed and improved, I may suggest cvresumewritingservices.org due to its accessibility, affordability, easiness at navigation, interactive and professional writers. I believe everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Choosing this service to accomplish my resume was just another mistake of mine I hope to never repeat it again in my life. I was lucky though to find this other website though and I will be grateful to its writers for a great job they have done till my dying day for helping me to find my dream job.

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