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career-resumes.com review

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career-resumes.com review and discounts


After I have graduated from the University, I started to look for a job. In a couple of months of such search I understood that I have a lot of competitors in the sphere of my specialization and I need to post mu resume in a number of social networks. When I found this site, I didn’t like it at first, because the menu was inconvenient and there was too much excessive information. For a couple of minutes I couldn’t understand what button should I press to make an order.

Price Policy

This service costs $200. On the one hand it is affordable, but on the other it is quite a lot of money to pay for such thing. In addition, you don’t know whether your resume will be truly placed in the network or not. In addition, there is no price list, so if you want to find out the price, you need to make an order first. I think that it is very inconvenient, as you can’t find everything you need at once.

Quality of Service

I expected that my resume will appear on different sites and I will easily find it through Yahoo or Google but even in a week it didn’t happen. I was shocked, because I have paid a sum of money and expected to receive a result. I was angry and disappointed and decided to contact the admin of this company.

Quality of Support

I tried to contact him via chat, but whenever I was entering the site, he was always offline. The same thing happened when I tried to call them, because numbers were unavailable. I only managed to write an e-mail but nobody replied me back. I was waiting for an admin to answer me for about a week, but I received nothing. However, I know websites that provide constant support in Online Chat, for example Cv Resume Writers com.


I was not quite satisfied with the quality of the service I received, but it was my own point of view. Maybe, there are people whose experience was more positive.

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career-resumes.com review

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