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resumeengine.org review

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resumeengine.org review and discounts


I am a member of air force and a couple of months ago I had to quit from my job position, because I had to move to another country with my family. I was worried, because I was not sure whether I will be able to find job in another country or not. So, I decided to start my ne life with a new resume. I think that it is quite logical, because I needed to be successful and not to waste my time. I wanted to find good job at once. It was rather difficult for me to find resume writing service which would be able to make a good paper according to the special experience I have. So, when I found this site I was very happy and surprised. The design of the site is really great. It is very attractive and modern, but unfortunately these are the only positive aspects I found while using this service.

Price Policy

Well, I didn’t find the price list on the site and it was rather suspicious, as if the prices were thoroughly hidden from the eyes of customers. I had to contact the admin via live chat and he sent me the payment link. I opened it and noticed that the price for my resume was $299. That was something unbelievable! I guess that it is too expensive. Anyway, I thought that this site will make my resume perfect, so I decided to make an order.

Quality of Paper

If you think that this site is professional, I will convince you that it is not. The writer of the resume missed my deadline. He never contacted me in order to clarify any issues. So, when I received my resume I was shocked, because the writer invented so many details about me, that I would never have thought that it was my resume. He didn’t clarify anything that was unclear to him. Also, the resume looked unprofessional. To be honest, my old resume was much better than this new one.

Quality of Support

I contacted the admin via chat again and asked him to send this resume to revision, but he told me that revisions are payable. To be honest, I was shocked! I have paid $300 for the resume and he revision of writer’s mistakes is supposed to be payable too.


I can’t recommend this site, as I personally had some issues with it. Howeverm it is only my opinion. Other people may judge differently. Luckily, cv-writing-services.org.uk/ saved the situation, having written a perfect resume for me for an affordable price.


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resumeengine.org review

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