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resumewritinggroup.com review

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resumewritinggroup.com Review and Discounts

It is hard for a graduate to find a job if you have no experience yet but want to start a successful career. That is why I decided to address myself to professionals to get a high-quality resume. Resumewriting-group.com was a service, recommended to me by one of my friends, who already had a job and convinced me that a resume written for him by this source had helped him a lot to get his job.

Pricing policy

The resume I wanted to get was priced the least among the ones offered. However, the price of $89 for a couple of pages, describing the professional qualities of a person seems rather high to me. I think I would have refused to place an order with this service, if I had no example of their professionalism. Now, having received the written paper and being unemployed for almost four months I am even more convinced that the price is too high.

Order details

Together with the order the service offers free educational tools. For the rest additional services, such as letter writing or counseling service you will have to pay separately. And the prices for them are also far from low. Besides, there are no offers on discounts. The source, as I understood, doesn’t provide any discounts. Apparently, that is because they provide one-time service and there can be no returning customers. However there could be variants.

Quality of writing and support

As for me, the quality of a written resume can be estimated by the result of applying for a job with it. And from this point of view the quality of the resume I got is poor. I received it almost a month ago and by now have had no offers of employment. While on the website it is stated that employment is guaranteed or they will return the money. Since there is no online support, I send a message, demanding to give my money back. For several days there was no reply and then I got a message from them that the money can’t be returned with strange referring to some rules and with no specified reason for refusal.


Well, the conclusion is that I spent a significant sum of money on the paper that after all was useless. By this time I, fortunately, have a job with perspectives for promotion and career success. But this is all thanks to Cvresumewriters.com . I addressed with my problem to this service and they got my resume revised, so that just in a couple of weeks I got a job.

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resumewritinggroup.com review

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