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www.thecvbank.co.uk review

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www.thecvbank.co.uk review and discounts


This is a company, which provides with CV distribution. To work with this service, one should have a CV and upload it so the service could help with distribution so a customer could get a job anytime soon. While the service works, a customer relax and wait. The design is simple. Chosen colors are the colors of the sky. The website is fast-paced and it does not require any additional software to make it to where the content is available for viewing.


There are testimonials of happy satisfied customers. I liked the interface of the website from the very first moment I saw its front page. There was this little image moving made out of bricks and they were changing their places. I thought it was fun, unique and new. The website does a good thing with help in finding a job. The amount of graphics is just right. Everything looks relevant and straight to the point.


The navigation panel is pretty simple. It gives a feeling as if something is missing. Other websites of the kind normally have blogs or articles available for reading and enlightening its customers. There is no discount system available whilst the pricing list is away. Usually, I do not trust websites like this because I stand for transparent and clear policy of price. When I do not see a tab with pricing, panic begins.

Quality of paper

As long as the service does not provide with neither writing, editing nor proofreading, the service works with original papers, which are readymade resumes of its customers so there is nothing to say about the quality of paper but the quality of service is okay. The support team is polite and kindly assist with job seeking.

Policy of price

There is neither table of price nor price calculator. I would rather go for a service with a pricing policy to begin with, and it does not matter in what way it is placed. I decided to try it anyway. I needed a job so I applied for help. Why not, was my thought. I was desperate and nothing bad could happen. Nothing worse could happen than it already was.

Order details

There is a button to apply now so a jobseeker profile popped out. Registration goes through filling in all the required fields. There is a notification about if one does not fill like filling in an application form; it is possible to do through sending an Email or making a phone call directly. All the needed contact information is right there.


Overall, the design looks very stylish. The service provided is also pretty much on the front burner. The support team representatives are doing their job in a proper way. The website does not seem to have any technical problems. Its design makes it to where the website is navigable and fast-paced. I would still add some services and a pricing list of course. Meanwhile, perfectresume.org/ is for you. It provides with excellence of customer service through the flawlessly done papers, which, in case, if that is a resume you required, will guarantee a job anytime soon.

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